How can I be a part of Dnier Loyalty Program?

Join our loyalty program simply by creating an account here.

How this Loyalty Program works?

For every dollar you spend on, you will accumulate 1 point. *Please note that the amount attributed to local tax (GST) will not be transform into points to be accumulated.

How can I redeem all those points that is being accumulated?

In your account page, you will find the tap “Dnier Loyalty Points”, and you can check the total points you have accumulated on our website. Every 20 points accumulated will equal to 1 dollar SGD in value. The minimum redemption will be 20 points and there is no maximum redemption amount.

Is there an expiry for the earned points?

Points will expire automatically: 1) 365 days from the date of redemption. 2) If there is inactivity from a user for 365 days.

Can I transfer my points to someone else or use the points for redemption at departmental stores?

No. All points are non-transferable and it cannot be redeem and use as dollar value at any other Dnier’s counters in departmental stores such as Robinsons, Metro or Isetan.